“I’m not racist,but…” I Am

Column 40 Published in the November 8 Warroad Pioneer We had buried my grandpa earlier in the day and though many of us were emotionally spent, we gathered for living-room conversation of light-hearted fare, marriage, babies, the future. An old family friend and self-made pastor was commanding the floor in his well-intended, often over-bearing comedic […]

My Dream about God and Donald Trump

Column 38 published in the October 25th, 2016 issue of the Warroad Pioneer I woke early one morning from a dream in which I had given birth to an impossibly small baby who, for a short time, spoke with absolute clarity. In a motherly baby-talk way of sorts, I asked her/him (the gender wasn’t clear […]

The Long Division of Fear

Column 37 Published in the October 18th issue of the Warroad Pioneer My dad saw a moose…a healthy one, here, at The Angle! That statement, by the way, is The Angle’s version of name-dropping or celebrity-sighting. But my little mind is on politics, not moose nor life at The Angle. How can I rest in […]